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Table 1 Core Dimensions by PCR Model

From: Tinkering at the margins: evaluating the pace and direction of primary care reform in Ontario, Canada

1: Population Health Approach Yes No No No Yes No
2: Group Practice Setting Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
3: Inter-Professional Teams Yes No No No Yes No
4: Alternative Payment Mechanismsa Yes Yes No No Yes Yes
5: Patient Enrolment No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
6: Patient and Community Engagement Yes No No No Yes No
7: 24/7 Access to Care No No No No No No
8: Information Technology Yes Optional Optional Optional Yes Optional
9: System Coordination and Integration Yes No No No Optional No
10: Continuous Performance Measurement and Quality Improvement Yes No No No Yes No
11 Collective Governance and Leadership Yes No No No No No
Total Required Core Dimensions 9 3 2 1 8 3
  1. CHC Community Health Centre, FHG Family Health Group, FHT Family Health Centre, FHN Family Health Network, CCM Comprehensive Care Model, FHO Family Health Organization
  2. aFHN and FHO (FHT) physicians have the option to receive payment at the individual or group level through capitation payments