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Table 1 Description of Self-management assessment areas and algorithm for scoring responses

From: Self-management support for chronic disease in primary care: frequency of patient self-management problems and patient reported priorities, and alignment with ultimate behavior goal selection

Health Area Questions Level of Concern
Green (low risk) Yellow (moderate risk) Red (greater than moderate risk)
BMI Height and weight BMI < 25 BMI 25–29.9 BMI ≥30.0
Health Distress Stress related to living with and managing health problems over past month. Five items on scale from “not a problem” (1) to “a very serious problem” (5). Score < 3 on all items No category Score of ≥3 on any item
Fat Intake Number of days, and typical portion size, of regular fat foods from a fast food restaurant consumed over the past week 0 days or 1 day /any portion size 2 days/small or medium portions; or 3 days/small portion 2 days/large or supersize; or 3 days/medium, large or supersize portions; or ≥ 4 days/any portion
Fruit and Vegetable Intake Number of servings of fruits and vegetables consumed in a usual day over the past week ≥5 servings 3 to 4 servings ≤2 servings
Sugared Beverage Intake Number of 12-oz sodas /other sugar-sweetened drinks per day over past week No drinks 1 to 2 drinks ≥3 drinks
Salt Intake Number days canned, processed, or pickled foods consumed over the past week, and addition of extra salt to food or in cooking ≤ 2 days and no extra salt added to food or in cooking No category 3 days, and/or extra salt was added to food or in cooking
Physical Activity Number of minutes of physical activity over the past week ≥150 min No category ≤150 min
Medication Adherence Number of days in past week that one or more medication doses was missed 0 days No category ≥1 day
Alcohol Intake Number of alcoholic drinks consumed in the past week, and binge drinking (consuming more than 3 drinks (female) or 4 drinks (male) on any day in the past month) ≤ 14 weekly drinks (men < 65), 7 weekly drinks (women and men ≥65) & no binge drinking No category ≥15 weekly drinks (men < 65), 8 weekly drinks (women and men ≥65), OR binge drinking
Tobacco Use Current tobacco use in the past week Not a tobacco user No category Current tobacco user
Depression Symptoms Depression symptoms over the past two weeks (Patient Health Questionnaire depression scale; PHQ-8) Score ≤ 9 Score 10 to 14 Score ≥ 15
General Life Stress Stress around major life events in the past week (e.g., family, work) Endorses no to general life stress No category Endorses yes to general life stress