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Table 6 Overview of biophysical data from available studies, categorized by health condition (no. of articles = 10)

From: Shared medical appointments and patient-centered experience: a mixed-methods systematic review

First author, year HbA1c FBG Lipids BP BMI Body wt CV risk DM Rx dosage Kidney Eye Foot Physical activity
 Trento, 2001 X   X HDL, TG   X        
 Trento, 2002 X   X HDL X X X X X   X retinopathy   
 Trento, 2004 X   X HDL, TG   X     X Cr    
 Trento, 2005 X X X TC, HDL, TG   X X   X insulin X ACR   X foot ulcers  
 Trento, 2010 X X X TC, LDL, HDL, TG X X     X Cr    
 Naik, 2011 X    X SBP X        
 Raballo, 2012 X X X TC, HDL, TG   X        
 Krzywkowski-Mohn, 2008 X   X LDL X       X retinal exam X foot exam  
 Junling, 2015     X X        X
 Capello, 2008     X         
  1. Abbreviations: ACR Albumin/Creatinine ratio, BMI Body mass index, BP Blood pressure, Cr Creatinine, CV Cardiovascular, DM Diabetes mellitus, FBG Fasting blood glucose, HbA1c Glycated hemoglobin, HDL High-density lipoprotein, LDL Low-density lipoprotein, Rx Prescription, SBP Systolic blood pressure, TC Total cholesterol, TG Triglycerides