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Table 3 Dimensions with positive responses for the twelve dimensions within the primary health care centers

From: Assessment of patient safety culture in primary health care in Muscat, Oman: a questionnaire -based survey

Dimensions Dimension’s positivity
Safety culture dimension at the unit level
 Teamwork within Units 85%
 Supervisor/Managers expectations and actions promoting patient safety 59%
 Organization learning continuous improvement 84%
 Feedback and communication about error 65%
 Communication openness 68%
 Staffing 23%
 Non-punitive response to error 27%
Safety culture dimensions at the primary health care facility level
 Hand-offs and transitions 46%
 Teamwork across units 82%
 Management support for patient safety 75%
 Outcome measures of patient safety culture
 Frequency of error reporting 40%
 Overall perception of patient safety 55%