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Table 1 Descriptive characteristics of delayed antibiotic prescription (DAP) survey respondents

From: Use of delayed antibiotic prescription in primary care: a cross-sectional study

Participating centerCatalonia11553.5%
 Basque Country52.3%
Teaching centerYes14667.4%
Rapid diagnostic techniquesaMultistix urine test strip19490.2%
 Reactive Strep-A3918.1%
 Reactive PCR2210.2%
Used DAP before RCTYes9946%
Used DAP during RCTYes14366.6%
DAP type (for DAP users)Direct (patient-led)10676.3%
 Collection from reception2115.1%
 Referral to physician107.2%
  1. aMultistix urine test strip (in diagnosis of urine infection), Rapid antigen detection test (Group A streptococcal in pharyngitis) and C-reactive protein (in assessing etiological diagnosis of acute respiratory infection)