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Table 3 NOTEPAD Fidelity Checklist – Subsequent sessions

From: Can support workers from AgeUK deliver an intervention to support older people with anxiety and depression? A qualitative evaluation

  YES Partially NO
Review mood – mood thermometers 1   1
Review progress (diary) 2   
Feedback given regarding any progress made 2   
Barriers/motivators to increased activity/participation discussed and/or addressed 2   
Activity/social participation goals discussed 2   
Activity/social participation goals set 2   
Signposting – (e.g. craft groups, adult learner classes etc.) 1 1  
Remind about use of NOTEPAD personal file 1 1  
Relapse prevention/staying well strategies discussed (e.g. support and guidance) 2   
Possible personal issues/difficulties encountered whilst increasing activity/social participation. 2   
Relevant contact details are given in case of any problems, issues or further advice required 2