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Table 2 Interview topics, categories, and themes from discussions with outpatient care providers regarding antibiotic prescribing

From: Not a magic pill: a qualitative exploration of provider perspectives on antibiotic prescribing in the outpatient setting

Interview Topics Categories Themes
Key Factors in Decision Making about Prescribing Antibiotics Acute clinical presentation Current Antibiotic Prescribing Practices
Best practices
Patient level factors (e.g., age)
Communicating with Patients about Antibiotics Understanding viral and bacterial infections
Disease course
Symptomatic relief
Signs to watch for
Follow up
Helping Patients to Feel Better Over-the-counter medications
Personal care
Perceptions of Patient Knowledge and Experiences Expectations are high Provider Perceptions of Patient Knowledge and Awareness
Want to feel better
A quick fix
Perceptions of the Problem of Antibiotic Resistance Largely unaware
Some peripheral knowledge
Often disassociate
Can vary based on demographics
Perceptions of Barriers to Appropriate Prescribing Patient education
Patient expectations
System-level concerns
Time constraints
Education and Training for Providers System-wide, evidence-based guidelines Recommendations for Education, Training, and Reporting
Decision support tools
Reporting Antibiotic Use to Providers Multiple forms of delivery (i.e., in person, electronic)
Align with current reporting practices