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Table 1 Variation in approaches across sites

From: Using the CollaboraKTion framework to report on primary care practice recruitment and data collection: costs and successes in a cross-sectional practice-based survey in British Columbia, Ontario, and Nova Scotia, Canada

  General approaches Regional additions/variation
Practice Recruitment Regional study advisory stakeholder committee Yes – comprised of lead physicians and executive directors from the Chilliwack, Abbotsford and Hope Divisions of Family Practicea, other health professionals, patients, and policy makers (n = 12) No - Email correspondence with local physicians and policy makers for advice (n = 6) Yes – comprised of local physicians, other health professionals, patients, and policy makers (n = 12)
Engagement with local organizations Partnership with Divisions of Family Practice. Meetings with Doctors of BC and General Practice Service Committee Presentations to the Association of Family Health Teams, Health Quality Ontario, and the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care Meetings with the Nova Scotia Health Authority Department of Family Practice, Department of Health and Wellness, Provincial Primary Health Care Teams Operations Networking Group
Presence at physician-attended events Standalone TRANSFORMATION events hosted by each Division of Family Practice in the study region
Billing Workshop for physicians
Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) conferencea Health authority’s Career Development Event
Health authority’s Department of Family Practice Forum
Peer-to-peer practice recruitment Three peer-to-peer recruiters. Four geographically-dispersed peer-to-peer recruiters One peer-to-peer recruiter
Demonstrate study relevance Offered practice-based portrait of study findings
1-page brief created, with preliminary data as it is available, for peer-to-peer recruiters to use
Standalone TRANFORMATION catered dinner to share preliminary data
Practices already receive practice-based feedback from provincial organization Offered practice-based portrait of study findings
Patient Recruitment Localized survey implementation Hired localized survey administrators (SAs)
Hired Punjabi-speaking SA for practices with high proportion (> 50%) of Punjabi-speaking patients
Did not hire localized SAs because researchers did not have sufficient ties to research assistants in the study region
Surveys available in both English and French
Hired localized SAs
Surveys only available in English
Token of appreciation $10 coffee gift card to patients No gift card offered $5 coffee gift cards to patients
  1. aDivisions of Family Practice are groups of family physicians that work to achieve common health care goals within communities [49]; Local Integrated Health Networks (LHINs) are community-based health authorities that plan and coordinate local health care services [50]