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Table 3 Encouragement to patients to use certain portal features. Percentages of respondents

From: Diabetes care providers’ opinions and working methods after four years of experience with a diabetes patient web portal; a survey among health care providers in general practices and an outpatient clinic

“To which extent do you encourage your patient to…” N Always or regularly Sometimes Rarely or never
send you an electronic message through the portal 122 55.7 15.6 28.7
upload glucose values more often 124 71.8 16.9 11.3
re-read information after a consultation 123 30.1 32.5 37.4
prepare for a consultation by viewing laboratory results and agreed targets 123 19.5 43.1 37.4
inform you when he/she experiences a problem with the portal 123 43.9 26.0 30.1
tell you when the meaning of laboratory values is unclear 123 36.6 27.6 35.8
tell you when medical phrasings used in the health record are unclear 123 39.0 27.6 33.3
turn to you if he/she has questions about self-management 124 47.6 26.6 25.8