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Table 1 Out-Of-Hours Care (OHHC)-services in rural areas of different federal states of Germany in 2012 [16]

From: Job satisfaction and stressors for working in out-of-hours care – a pilot study with general practitioners in a rural area of Germany

Service obligation for all panel physicians to do on-call duty but not to maintain registration as a GP or (as another specialist discipline)
• Approximately 110,000
Most frequent model of OOHC in Germany in rural areas
• OOHC rotation groups 30–50 physicians
OOHC care centre
• OOHC practices predominantly in the middle of the local district respectively care provision in GP practices
• Either GPs of the region or hired clinicians work in the OOHC care centres
Opening hours in OOHC centre
• On weekdays From 07:00 pm to 07:00 am
• On Wednesday already at 2:00 pm
• From Friday 07:00 pm to Monday 7:00 am
• On holidays
Catchment area
• Local districts with 40,000–80,000 inhabitants
• Distance of patients to OOHC-centre 15-20 km
• Access via regional telephone numbers
• about 10–15% walk in without a call in advance
Telephone triage
• In 2012 no triage model was implemented
• The doctor himself answered the phone calls, rarer a nurse
Provision of care
• Telephone advice
• Consultation-hours
• Home visits.