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Table 2 Programme and content of the CME meeting about palliative care

From: Development, modelling, and pilot testing of a complex intervention to support end-of-life care provided by Danish general practitioners

Time Curriculum covered in each meeting
4.30–5.10 pm What is palliative care?
- Definition and changes in the understanding of palliative care. Focus on end- of-life care
- Disease trajectories and the challenges in identifying when end-of-life care is needed
- Discussion of patient case: (short film)
5.25–6.00 pm What are the patients’ palliative needs?
- Results from a Danish survey among palliative patients
- Discussion of two patient cases (short films)
6.30–6.45 pm Presentation of the local palliative team by the palliative physician
6.45–7.35 pm Medical skills and practicalities
- Prescription of just-in-casea box, terminal declarationb, use of EDS, etc.
7.45–8.00 pm Local support to patients and relatives
- Which alternatives does the GP have? Who else can help and support?
  1. aanticipatory medicine
  2. bdeclaration releasing medical reimbursement for end-of-life care