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Table 1 Interview questions posed to family physicians for the qualitative analysis

From: Views of family physicians on heterosexual sexual function in older adults

1 How do you define sexuality?
2 Tell me about sexual function in older adults.
3 Do the reasons for engaging in intimate relations differ between young adults and older adults?
4 In your opinion, what reasons might elderly individuals have for refraining from engaging in intimate relations?
5 In your opinion, which factors might influence the levels of sexual function and sexual satisfaction in older adults?
6 How do you think society/the media perceives sexuality among the elderly?
7 How does treatment of sexual function differ between younger adults and older adults?
8 Tell me about contacting/referring patients to different specialists in relation to sexual function difficulties among the elderly.
9 What are the advantages/disadvantages of contacting different specialists in relation to sexual dysfunction in older adults?
10 In your opinion, how is it possible to create open lines of communication about sexual function between elderly patients and their physicians?