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Table 1 Motivation for shared decision-making scale; final six-item version (translated from German for the purpose of this article)

From: The effect of a new lifetime-cardiovascular-risk display on patients’ motivation to participate in shared decision-making

If I was the patient being shown the information… Not at all (1) Not Likely (2) Partially (3) Likely(4) Very much (4)
1. …I would be motivated to think further about my risk.      
2. …I would be motivated to request further information from my family doctor.      
3. …I would be motivated to use other sources to learn more about my risk.      
4. …I would feel sufficiently informed by the display to make a decision for or against an intervention.      
5. …I would be motivated to talk with my doctor about the decision for or against therapy.      
6. …I would be sufficiently informed to decide together with my doctor whether I should receive treatment.