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Table 3 Tasks in the community

From: Skill mix change between general practitioners, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and nurses in primary healthcare for older people: a qualitative study

Provider Population Type of care Examples of tasksa
NPb Older people Proactive healthcare (nursing care) • screening of older people
• liaison service for GPsc and district nurses
• developing care paths
RNd All ages Nursing care • support activities of daily living
• nursing procedures e.g.: blood pressure control, give an injection (in order of GP)
• psychosocial support
• health education
• health monitoring
• care coordination
Older people Proactive healthcare (nursing care) • networking with other care providers structural
• screening on frailty
  1. aTasks were described in the sampling questionnaire and in the (focus group) interviews
  2. bNP nurse practitioner
  3. cGP general practioner
  4. dRN registered nurse