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Table 1 Interview guide

From: Exploring current and potential roles of Australian community pharmacists in gout management: a qualitative study

Theme Question
About the pharmacist How long have you been practising pharmacy? How long have you worked in community pharmacy?
About the pharmacist’s interaction with people living with gout Do you often dispense medications used in the treatment and prevention of gout? What are they? What proportion of the scripts would be for allopurinol? What dosages do you typically see on the prescriptions?
What advice do you provide customers about their gout medication and management?
What educational material do you provide customers with gout?
If someone presents to the pharmacy with the symptoms of gout, what do you do? Do you feel you know enough about gout and how it should be managed?
What over-the-counter products would you recommend for people with gout?
About the typical person with gout in your pharmacy What is your gout customer typically like? Do they have any co-morbidities?
Are there common complaints and/or challenges that your customers have or encounter with their gout? Does it affect their adherence to prescribed medication or diet?
If you notice that a customer doesn’t return for a repeat allopurinol prescription regularly, what advice do you provide? Are there actions that you or your pharmacy takes to help people adhere to their medicines?
Referral to general practitioner How often do you refer gout customers to see a doctor and/or get in contact with their GP yourself? What would make you do so?