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Table 2 Competency scores assessed post-training

From: Assessing treatment fidelity and contamination in a cluster randomised controlled trial of motivational interviewing and cognitive behavioural therapy skills in type 2 diabetes



MITI Global Spirit (mean; SD)

3.42 (0.67)

MITI Global Empathy (mean; SD)

4.09 (1.04)

Reflection-to-Question Ratio (median; IQR)

0.67 (0.45–0.82)

Percent Open Questions (median; IQR)

45.5 (25.0–72.2)

Percent Complex Reflections (median; IQR)

9.1 (0–28.6)

Percent MI-Adherent (median; IQR)

86.2 (76.9–100)

BECCI Practitioner Score (mean; SD)

2.78 (0.50)