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Table 1 Interview guide

From: Knowledge, practices and expectations of preventive care: a qualitative study of patients attending government general outpatient clinics in Hong Kong

1. What is preventive care? Would you give some examples?

If the respondent could not answer at all, give hints: Smoking cessation and regular exercise are both examples of effective preventive measures, can you think of others?

2. Have you intentionally done something to improve your own health or to screen for disease?

If yes: what have you done?

If no: Why not?

3. Where did you get the health information concerning preventive care?

Aside from the mentioned sources, where else would do you prefer to obtain such information?

4. Have you ever had physical check-up?

If yes: Under what circumstance was it done? How did you choose where to go for the check-up? How did you choose what to do for the check-up? What did the check-up include? Was a doctor available to explain the result? If no: Why not? If you were to have physical check-up, how would you choose what to do? Where to go?

5. How do you think of commercially available check-up packages?

6. Do you have a doctor that you regularly attend? Have you ever discussed with this doctor anything in terms of preventive care? If yes, what have you discussed before? If no, why not?

7. If given the opportunity, what would you want to discuss with your doctor in terms of preventive care?