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Table 4 Overall appraisal of the tool

From: Keys to success of a community of clinical practice in primary care: a qualitative evaluation of the ECOPIH project

“You have a query and, before you know it, you find it (the solution) right there and you’re really relieved, you resolve it straight away, you learn, you sort it out.” INT. 15 (PC physician, female).
“It’s a trustworthy tool for family doctors.” INT. 14 (PC physician, male).
“Satisfaction with the profession itself because, apart from experience that gives you time, what we need to do is increase our own knowledge.” INT. 4 (PC director, female).
“ECOPIH helps to manage time. It removes the urgency of demands. It’s the best way to manage time, knowing what you’ve got in front of you and being able to decide on the right order of execution.” INT. 8 (SC physician, male).
“For us, being in ECOPIH is a strength. It’s a way of becoming visible. It has helped to break down barriers, to bring professionals closer together, and that will also have reinforced its use. It’s a very positive tool for improving communication among the entire community of physicians.” INT. 8 (SC physician, male).
“Creating feedback between primary and non-GP specialist care is unbeatable, I think the idea is really great.” INT. 29 (SC physician, female).
“It has the educational aspect that a virtual visit doesn’t have, and it has the care aspect too, depending on how you apply that to a particular case while working. For a physician, training and practice are one and the same thing. If you’re well-trained, your practice is better, if you’re practice is better, you work better with your patients, that means everything, referrals, etc.” INT. 28 (PC director, male).
“People who regularly go into ECOPIH… after one or two years those people know a lot more, if they’re active, than people who’ve done courses on goodness knows what. (…) It is a much more pragmatic, clear and practical kind of training because you can apply it straight away and can improve care.” INT. 28 (PC director, male).
“It’s expert learning, it’s case-based learning because your learning from the case (…).” INT. 11 (PC physician, female).
“I can see a lot of advantages in it for learning, I’m surprised by how much I manage to learn. It would be an à la carte continuing medical education because you can choose the topic.” INT. 12 (PC physician, female).