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Table 3 Focus group topic guide for primary care service providers

From: Implementation of the SMART MOVE intervention in primary care: a qualitative study using normalisation process theory

In the topic guide, the term “App” is used to refer to the smartphone application under study.

Coherence is about sense making.

1. Did you have a clear understanding from the outset of how this intervention would benefit patients?

2. What strategies have you used previously to increase exercise amongst patients in the practice?

3. How does the App differ from previous strategies?

4. Do you think that one of your important professional roles is the discussion and promotion of increased activity levels with your clients/patients?

5. In your opinion, does the promotion of this strategy fit well with the overall goals and activity of your medical practice?

Cognitive Participation is about engagement/‘buy in’:

1. How did you get involved and who told you about the idea?

2. Why was it right for you to get involved and promote this to your patient/clients?

3. Were you prepared to commit the time and effort to promote its use amongst patients/clients?

4. Who was driving this forward/encouraging involvement in this work?

Collective action is about actions and interactions that are required to use the intervention:

1. Did the promotion of the App fit easily with your daily work practices or did you have to change your usual way of working/consulting with patients?

2. Can you talk about the training/education you received from the outset ….was this helpful/unhelpful and if so, in what ways?

3. What did you find easy and what did you find difficult about promoting the use of the App to your clients/patients?

4. Did you have to work with others to promote the use of the App – who? What was that experience like?

Reflexive monitoring is about appraisal and evaluation:

1. Do you feel that using the App is an effective and worthwhile way to increase activity levels amongst patients and if so how do you know?

2. Can you tell about some of the feedback you’ve had from clients/patients who have used the App.

3. Do you have any suggestions for improving the promotion and use of the App amongst your clients/patients?

4. Is there anything you would do/do differently now in your consultations to promote the use of the application to patients?