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Table 5 Categories of quality improvement targets

From: Development and evaluation of a blended educational programme for general practitioners’ trainers to stimulate proactive HIV testing

Categories Number of quality improvement targets per category
Sexual history and techniques 30
Ask more in-depth questions 6
Talk more about sex 6
Be aware of symptoms and conditions related to HIV/STI 17
Be aware of new HIV/STI tests 22
Different body-locations to test the patient 16
More proactive HIV testing 15
Awareness of HIV testing among patients from HIV endemic countries 5
Awareness of HIV testing among MSM 6
Give instruction to resident 14
More often test the BIG five 8
Awareness of window phase 3
Make the e-learning of the STI guideline 7
Awareness of not having sex after treatment 3
Patient information about STI/HIV 2
Applying of specific obtained knowledge 10
Curation, Counselling and Contact sex partners 7
Take into account own risk payments 1
Prevention of STI/HIV among adolescents 1