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Table 2 Description of the blended educational programme

From: Development and evaluation of a blended educational programme for general practitioners’ trainers to stimulate proactive HIV testing

Blended educational programme
  Duration Content Teaching methods
Preparation of the programme 90 min GP trainers were asked to read the STI guideline and to do an e-learning before the start of the first meeting  
Training day 1 10 min Introduction Lecture
5 min Pre-test Questionnaire (on knowledge and attitude)
50 min Information about the STI guideline and provider-initiated testing strategies Interactive lecture with slides, videos and casuistry
10 min Summary & quality improvement targets, explanation of the homework assignments, evaluation and reflection of the first meeting Lecture, questionnaire (quality improvement targets and on satisfaction)
Learning conversation with their resident    
Training day 2 15 min A reflection on the preceding training day, what they had learned in daily practice (quality improvement targets) and on the learning conversation they had with their resident lecture, discussion
50 min Discussion of barriers and facilitators related to new provider-initiated HIV testing Focus groups
10 min Evaluation and reflection of the second meeting Questionnaire
Post questionnaire 3 months after the end of the programme   Questionnaire