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Table 4 Diabetes cause perceptions (n = 383)

From: RETRACTED ARTICLE: Al Kharj diabetic patients’ perception about diabetes mellitus using revised-illness perception questionnaire (IPQ-R)

Cause Strongly agree or agree
Percent (%)
Stress or worry 40.5
Hereditary - it runs in my family 75.5
A Germ or virus 19.8
Diet or eating habits 62.4
Chance or bad luck 26.9
Poor medical care in my past 39.9
Pollution in the environment 12.3
My own behavior 43.9
My mental attitude e.g. thinking about life negatively 23.0
Family problems or worries 25.3
Overwork 28.5
My emotional state e.g. feeling down, lonely, anxious, empty 23.0
Ageing 46.7
Alcohol 13.3
Smoking 15.1
Accident or injury 8.4
My personality 20.6
Altered immunity 19.3