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Table 3 Participants views about diabetes (n = 383)

From: RETRACTED ARTICLE: Al Kharj diabetic patients’ perception about diabetes mellitus using revised-illness perception questionnaire (IPQ-R)

Views about diabetes Strongly agree or agree
Percent (%)
My diabetes will last a short time 24.5
My diabetes is likely to be permanent rather than temporary 60.3
My diabetes will last for a long time 51.4
This diabetes will pass quickly 12.5
I expect to have this diabetes for the rest of my life 59.0
My diabetes is a serious condition 53.3
My diabetes has major consequences on my life 65.3
My diabetes does not have much effect on my life 25.3
My diabetes strongly affects the way others see me 36.8
My diabetes has serious financial consequences 40.2
My diabetes causes difficulties for those who are close to me 44.9
There is a lot which I can do to control my symptoms 80.4
What I do can determine whether my diabetes gets better or worse 80.2
The course of my diabetes depends on me 80.4
Nothing I do will affect my diabetes 21.9
I have the power to influence my diabetes 72.6
My actions will have no effect on the outcome of my diabetes 23.5
My diabetes will improve in time 43.9
There is very little that can be done to improve my diabetes 77.8
My treatment will be effective in curing my diabetes 22.7
The negative effects of my diabetes can be prevented (avoided) by my treatment 76.0
My treatment can control my diabetes 77.5
There is nothing which can help my condition 13.6
The symptoms of my condition are puzzling to me 42.0
My diabetes is a mystery to me 23.0
I don’t understand my diabetes 32.4
My diabetes doesn’t make any sense to me 33.4
I have a clear picture or understanding of my condition 16.7
The symptoms of my diabetes change a great deal from day to day 57.7
My symptoms come and go in cycles 62.9
My diabetes is very unpredictable 59.5
I go through cycles in which my diabetes gets better and worse. 77.3
I get depressed when I think about my diabetes 42.8
When I think about my diabetes I get upset 49.6
My diabetes makes me feel angry 29.2
My diabetes does not worry me 43.9
Having this diabetes makes me feel anxious 54.0
My diabetes makes me feel afraid 42.6