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Table 1 The care manager function in the PRIM-CARE trial: Function for the patient and function for the PCC’s organization of depression care

From: Clinical effectiveness of care managers in collaborative care for patients with depression in Swedish primary health care: a pragmatic cluster randomized controlled trial

Care manager function for the patient Care manger function for the PCC’s organization of depression care
Is the contact nurse for patients with depression at the PCC and facilitates the continuity and accessibility of care Supports development of an organization for collaborative care cooperation (physician, psychologist, psychotherapist, counselor, rehabilitation personnel etc.)
Makes a structured management plan together with the patient Facilitates cooperation with psychiatry, secondary care, community services, etc.
Keeps close cooperation with the patient’s GP and inter-professional communication Facilitates continuity and accessibility
Follows patient symptoms by scheduled follow-ups  
Follows antidepressant treatment and possible side effects  
Pays attention to the needs of changed antidepressants or other treatment if the patient does not improve - and notifies the physician  
Provides advice on self-care and encourages behavioral activation such as planning for physical activity and pleasant events  
Informs about psychotherapy and other treatment  
Educates patients (and their families) about depression