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Table 3 Summarising themes from qualitative analysis

From: Identifying enablers and barriers to individually tailored prescribing: a survey of healthcare professionals in the UK

Sense making Theme Description
ITP valued by health care professionals Meeting needs of the individual part of professional identity
ITP valuable to NHS Professionals recognised the value of ITP to the NHS
Clarity on ITP Prioritising the patient/person as the essence of ITP
Value of ITP not shared Organisation values and processes don’t support ITP; some patients don’t understand value of ITP
Engagement Theme Description
Leadership (individual and collective) Key individual leaders, and collective engagement with ITP
Levels of engagement Variable levels of engagement, with desire for more
Patient engagement Mobilisation of patient engagement through the media
Barriers to engagement Included workload, fragmentation of services, fear, patient resistance
Action Theme Description
Formal training In generalist practice; within specialist
Experiential learning – phronesis Learning from experience, including working with patients and colleagues
Collective action Value of peer discussion
Other supports for action Including the media
Partial action Easier to tailor stopping medicines than starting them
Barriers Governance (fear), time, ‘head space’ and practical support
Monitoring Theme Description
Mixed feedback Both supportive and negative feedback on ITP
Challenge of feeding back Hard to quantify benefit
Challenging the status quo Hard to ‘go against’ the guideline
Potential power of feedback Should be a Key Performance Indicator