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Table 1 Characteristics of participating primary care centers (PCC)

From: The Mini-International Neuropsychiatric Interview is useful and well accepted as part of the clinical assessment for depression and anxiety in primary care: a mixed-methods study

PCC ID Location, listed patients (n); CNIa Number parti-cipating GPs (number employed) MINI interviewer Procedure
1 Suburb,
18,000 patients;
CNI = 1.26
1 medical social worker after referral from a GP MINI results fed back to the GP for decision on further management
2 Suburb,
21,000 patients;
CNI = 0.93
Psychologists after referral from a GP or the GPs themselves Psychologists made a full assessment including MINI and initiated CBT if relevant or the GPs initiated treatment.
3 Central Stockholm,
10,000 patients;
CNI = 0.72
The GP The GP initiated treatment
  1. aCNI Care Need Index [45] a measure of psychosocial burden, where higher values indicate larger problems; average CNI = 1.0; GP general practitioner