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Table 1 Classification of baseline disease status. HUNT2, 1995–97

From: Mortality in persons with undetected and diagnosed hypertension, type 2 diabetes, and hypothyroidism, compared with persons without corresponding disease - a prospective cohort study; The HUNT Study, Norway

Disease status Self-reported disease status Measurement
Hypothyroidism Ever had any thyroid disease?  
 No No TSH 0.2 – 4.5 mU/L and FT4 8.0 – 20.0 pmol/L
 Undetecteda No TSH >4.5 mU/L and FT4 < 8 pmol/L
 Diagnosed Yes
Type 2 diabetes mellitus Ever had diabetes mellitus? Serum glucose ≥2 h after last meal
 No No ≤7.0 mmol/L
 Undetecteda No >7.0 mmol/L
 Diagnosed Yes
Hypertension BP follow-up necessary?b Arterial BP
 No No <140 mmHg systolic and <90 mmHg diastolic
 Undetecteda No ≥140 mmHg systolic and/or ≥90 mmHg diastolic
 Diagnosed Yes
  1. TSH thyroid stimulating hormone, FT 4 free T4, BP blood pressure
  2. aIn participants with undetected disease, the disease was not reported by the participant and we assume it was unknown also for their physician. The HUNT Study data however, indicated the disease
  3. bBP follow-up necessary include start/continue medication or recommended BP follow-up answer alternatives. Participants with missing data were excluded