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Table 2 Description of primary care practices by pre-screening strategy to identify potentially eligible patients for lung cancer screening

From: Piloting electronic screening forms in primary care: findings from a mixed methods study to identify patients eligible for low dose CT lung cancer screening

  Electronic Form Paper Form
Practice 1 Practice 3 Practice 4 Practice 2 Practice 5 Practice 6
Estimated practice size 7400 2000 5700 13,500 8100 5000
Estimated number of eligible patients 1600 Not knowna 1400 2000 1700 1100
Actual number of eligible patients seen per year (2015) 1052 242b 948 1044 811 589
Number of physicians per practice 5 1 3 6 5 4
  1. aEstimated number of eligible patients was not available from this practice
  2. bActual number of eligible patients seen in 2015 was not available from this practice. The number was imputed from the average of the actual number of eligible patients divided by the practice size for the other practices and multiplied by the practice size of 2000 patients