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Table 2 A priori framework with definitions of themes for coding

From: A systematic review of primary care models for non-communicable disease interventions in Sub-Saharan Africa

Themes derived for coding Definitions
Case finding Passive screening for NCDs of patients presenting to local health facilities
Modify risk factors Everyone seen in primary care should be assessed for common risk factors such as smoking, alcohol, obesity and counseled in lifestyle modifications
Standardized treatment Algorithm protocol for which medications and dose for DM, asthma, COPD or HTN
Standardized diagnosis Algorithm outlining protocol for making a diagnosis of DM, asthma, COPD or HTN
Standardized referral pathway Algorithm with protocol for when to refer a patient needing more complex management to secondary or tertiary care
Standardized follow-up appointments Guidelines outlining when patients should return for follow-up appointment, ensuring that pre-booked appointments are available at the clinic
Adherence support Some form of support to patients for adherence to medication and follow up appointments at the clinic (i.e. text message reminder)
Task-shifting/Multidisciplinary clinic NPC to have the primary role in screening, preventing and managing NCDs
Training of staff Curriculum to train the health care staff delivering care for NCDs management
Decentralized care Primary care clinics should be available and accessible to patients living in rural areas
Essential medicines Consistent supply and access to medicines needed to treat NCDs, primarily drugs outlined in treatment algorithm so that treatment is not interrupted
Essential diagnostics Essential equipment needed to follow diagnostic protocol for screening and follow-up of NCDs
Systematic monitoring and evaluation Efficient system for data collection of NCDs (of key indicators such as number died, lost to follow-up, stopped treatment or referral)
  1. NCD non-communicable diseases, COPD chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, HTN hypertension, NPC non-physician clinician