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Table 1 Description of key stakeholder groups

From: Implementation of cardiovascular disease prevention in primary health care: enhancing understanding using normalisation process theory


Description of key stakeholder groups

General Practitioner

GPs are medical practitioners who provide primary, comprehensive and continuing care to patients and their families within the community. General practice is a medical speciality. Entry to the speciality may be achieved by admission to Fellowship of the Royal Australian College of General Practice [22].

Practice Manager

PMs perform all or some of the practice management tasks in a healthcare setting [23].

Practice Nurse

PNs are registered or enrolled nurses who are employed by, or whose services are otherwise retained, by a general practice [24].

Lifestyle Advisor

LAs (health coaches) perform a relatively new care extender role helping patients gain the knowledge, skills, tools and confidence to become active participants in their own care so that they can reach their self-identified health goals [25]. LAs were fitness professionals provided with additional training in the Health Change Australia approach [26].

Intervention Participant (patient)

Ps were those patients who responded to the recall and participated in the intervention.