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Table 1 Characteristics of included studies

From: Patients’ and physicians’ perceptions and attitudes about oral anticoagulation and atrial fibrillation: a qualitative systematic review

  Country Methodological approach Technique Analysis Quality assessment Participants Number (only physicians or patients) Sex
Howitt et al. 1999 [28] United Kingdom Mixed: quantitative and qualitative Structured interviews (information through email) Thematic analysis (information through email) moderate -Patients 56 28 men/28 women (information through email)
Fuller et al. 2004 [32] United Kingdom Mixed: quantitative and qualitative Questionnaire and interviews Content analysis moderate -Patients 76
(in the interviews)
Wild et al. 2004 [33] United States,, United Kingdom and Spain Qualitative Semi-structured interview Interpretative.
Thematic analysis.
moderate -Patients 60  
Coelho Dantas et al.2004 [35] Canada Qualitative Semi-structured Interview. Interpretative. Thematic analysis (information through email). Grounded theory. excellent -Patients 21 12 men/9 women
Bajorek et al. 2007, 2009 [29, 30] Australia Qualitative: Phenomenology Focus groups Thematic analysis excellent -Physicians 20 12 men/8 women
[Geriatricians, Cardiologists, General medicine (consultants or registrars),General Practice]
(6 Geriatric
6 Cardiologists/General Medicine
8 General Practice)
-Patients 14  
Solà et al. 2009 [37] Spain Mixed: quantitative and qualitative Focus groups Content analysis excellent Physicians
[General Practice, Cardiologists and Internal Medicine]
23 (15 General Practice,
5 Cardiologist,
3 Internal Medicine)
12 men/11 women
Patients 23 15 men/8 women
Lipman et al. 2004 [29] United Kingdom Qualitative Semi-structured Interview. Framework method excellent -Physicians
[General Practices with an active interest in research or evidence-based medicine]
11 9 men/2 women
Anderson et al. 2006 [34] United Kingdom Mixed: quantitative and qualitative Questionnaire and semi-structured interview Interpretative. Grounded theory. moderate -Physicians 14  
[Cardiologists, Geriatric or general medicine (consultants or Specialist Registrars)] 5 Cardiologists,
9 Geriatric or General medicine
Decker et al. 2012 [36] United States Qualitative Semi-structured Interview. Content analysis moderate -Physicians
[Cardiologists and internal medicine)
-Nurses practioner
(18 Cardiologist
5 Internal Medicine)