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Table 1 Search strategy

From: Developing cultural competence in general practitioners: an integrative review of the literature

Search Engines:
PUBMED, WEB OF SCIENCE, CINAHL, SCOPIS, ERIC, Google scholar, RACGP website, and a reference list search.
Search Terms (in varying combinations):
Cultural competence (broad and MeSH), cultural safety/awareness, cross-cultural, diversity, multicultural, training, education, post-graduate, primary care, general practice, community, ambulatory, family medicine
Inclusion criteria: English language
• Dated between 1998–2013
• Articles addressing aspects of cultural competence or cultural diversity in primary care or general practice,
 o Participants must include any primary care stakeholders, including clinicians, educators, community members and patients
• Empirical research and review or discussion articles
• Peer-reviewed articles and grey literature
• Articles focusing on specific health interventions
• Articles addressing cultural competence that do not directly relate to primary care or general practice