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Table 1 Goals and contents of the working group meetings

From: Developing physical activity counselling in primary care through participatory action approach

Meeting Goal Contents
Orientationa Preconditioning - Agreeing on the roles and responsibilities of the working group
- Outlining the principles of the development work and tutorial meetings
- Overviewing the current practices on physical activity counselling based on the preliminary results from the baseline questionnaire to the professionals
1st tutorial Planning - Determining the patient group
- Choosing goals and actions
2nd tutorial Implementation - Reviewing goals and actions
- Agreeing on practical arrangements related to the implementation
3rd tutorial Revision
- Revising goals and actions
- Starting inter-sectorial collaboration with external partners
4th tutorial Evaluation
- Evaluating the outcomes of the development work
- Planning the protocol for the inter-sectorial collaboration
- Planning of the feedback discussion
Feedback discussiona Maintenance
- Summarizing the development process
- Presenting the outcomes of the development work
- Application of the results of the development work to another patient group
  1. aAlso attended by the members of the steering group