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Table 5 Factors identified as “Other” by CHC location

From: Community health center provider ability to identify, treat and account for the social determinants of health: a card study

CHC location Categorized factors Count Uncategorized factors Total
California Drug use (6) 25 9 34
Tobacco use (6)
Poor living conditions (4)
Behavioral health issues (3)
Difficulty making appointments (2)
Health literacy (1)
Interrupted care - Separated parents (1)
History of incarceration (1)
Age (1)
New York Behavioral health issues (12) 30 3 33
Poor social support (8)
Work conditions (5)
Physical disability (2)
Environmental conditions (1)
Drug use (1)
Drug use in family (1)
Illinois   0 0 0
  1. Table 5 shows the number of factors identified by providers as “Other” by each CHC location. For each “other” identified, providers were asked to include descriptions which were then categorized into the above factors and tallied. In some cases, “other” factors were marked as identified, but did not receive a description by the provider and therefore could not be categorized