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Table 2 Details of the important symptoms that characterise CFS/ME and their respective scores. See text for further details

From: Investigating unexplained fatigue in general practice with a particular focus on CFS/ME

Factor Score
Delayed prolonged post-exertion malaise after increases in physical, mental & emotional activity 3
Non-restorative sleep with frequent difficulty initiating and/or maintaining sleep 2
Impaired concentration that is reduced further by external stimuli 1
Reduced short term memory with word finding difficulty 1
New onset headaches (>2/mth and different in character from previous headaches) 1
Sore throat with cervical tenderness/recurrent flu-like episodes 1
Arthralgia affecting several joints with stiffness >1 hr but no swelling 1
Myalgia affecting multiple groups and exacerbated by mild exertion 1
Postural instability feeling unstable on standing, prolonged standing or sitting 1
Hypersensitivity to sounds and lights (smells and to a lesser degree taste also) 1