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Table 4 Pros and Cons of the PRISCUS-list from FPs’ point of view

From: Why do family doctors prescribe potentially inappropriate medication to elderly patients?

FPs’ arguments pro PRISCUS FPs’ arguments contra PRISCUS
•Includes no-go-medication you have to remember every time Not practicable in FPs’ daily practice since
•Good for orientation •does often not fit individual patients’ needs
•Possible argument if FP wants to refuse a medication •within its complex context of multimorbidity
•does not recommend practicable and pharmacologically based alternatives
•does not fit experience-based practice
•does not fit patient demands for a certain PIM based on individual positive experiences
•limited time in consultations a) to check additional recommendation lists and b) to convince patients for new medication
•chronological age does not match biological age: lot of patients > 65 years have a younger biological age
•mistrust in PRISCUS based on missing evidence for medication of multimorbid elderly patients