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Table 1 Description of case vignettes regarding documented prescription of PIM

From: Why do family doctors prescribe potentially inappropriate medication to elderly patients?

FP Documented chronic conditions of the case (ICD-10) Documented acutediagnosis of the case (ICD-10) Prescription of PIM per quarter: agents/amount (prescribed daily dosage) Further agents for long-term treatment/same quarter
FP1 D25: Leiomyoma of uterus F43: Reaction to severe stress, and adjustment disorders Zolpidem/80 pellets (missing) Candesartan, Carbamazepine, Doxepin, Gabapentin, Metoprolol, Metformin, Pravastatin
E22: Hyperfunction of pituitary gland
E78: Disorders of lipoprotein metabolism
G25: Other extrapyramidal and movement disorders
G47: Sleep disorders
G56: Mononeuropathies of upper limb
G58: Other mononeuropathies
I10: Essential (primary) hypertension
I65: Occlusion and stenosis of precerebral arteries
R55: Syncope and collapse
FP2 F13: Mental and behavioral disorders due to use of sedatives or hypnotics M54: Dorsalgia Zopiclone/60 pellets (7.5 mg/day), Lorazepam/missing (2.5 mg/day) Acetylsalicylic acid, Amlodipine, Calcitrol, Carvedilol, Cholecalciferol, Minoxidil, Mirtazapine, Pantoprazole, Torasemide, Valsartan
F34: Persistent mood [affective] disorders
F40: Phobic anxiety disorders G47: Sleep disorders
I10: Essential (primary) hypertension
N18: Chronic kidney disease
T88: Other complications of surgical and medical care, not elsewhere classified
FP3 E03: Hypothyroidism J06: Acute upper respiratory infections of multiple and unspecified sites Zolpidem/80 pellets (10 mg/day) Beclomethasone, Bisoprolol, Cobalamin, Duloxetine, Hydrochlorothiazide, Lactulose, Levothyroxine, Metoclopramide, Omeprazole, Salbutamol, Tramadol,
E53: Deficiency of other B group vitamins
I35: Nonrheumatic aortic valve disorders I50: Heart failure
K29: Gastritis and duodenitis
M48: Other spondylopathies
Q61: Cystic kidney disease
R15: Faecal incontinence
R52: Pain, not elsewhere classified
FP4 D86: Sarcoidosis none Zolpidem/100 pellets (10 mg/day) Hydrochlorothiazide, Naloxone, Nitrendipine, Pregabalin, Tilidine, Valsartan
E78: Disorders of lipoprotein metabolism and other lipidaemias
G47: Sleep disorders    
H53: Visual disturbances    
I10: Essential (primary) hypertension
I83: Varicose veins of lower extremities
M25: Other joint disorders, not elsewhere classified
M81: Osteoporosis without pathological fracture
N17: Acute renal failure
R26: Abnormalities of gait and mobility
Z93: Artificial opening status
FP5 C80: Malignant neoplasm, without specification of site R07: Pain in throat and chest Zopiclone/missing (7.5 mg/day) Bisoprolol, Hydrochlorothiazide, Ramipril, Trimipramine, Pantoprazole, Acetylsali-cylic acid, Ibuprofen
H53: Visual disturbances
I10: Essential (primary) hypertension
I27: Other pulmonary heart diseases
I34: Atrial fibrillation and flutter
K43: Ventral hernia
R26: Abnormalities of gait and mobility
Z93: Artificial opening status
Z96: Presence of other functional implants
FP6 E11: Type 2 diabetes mellitus none Zopiclon/120 pellets (missing) Allopurinol, Amlodipine, Enalapril, Moxonidine
I10: Essential (primary) hypertension
I50: Heart failure
M10: Gout
N08: Glomerular disorders in diseases classified elsewhere
N18: Chronic kidney disease
FP7 E78: Disorders of lipoprotein metabolism and other lipidaemias M54: Dorsalgia Zopiclon/180 pellets (7.5 mg/day) Allopurinol, Felodipine, Metoprolol, Olmesartan
E79: Disorders of purine and pyrimidine metabolism
F51: Nonorganic sleep disorders I10: Essential (primary) hypertension
J44: Other chronic obstructive pulmonary disease