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Table 4 Quotes of FPS in relation to the contributing factors in the recognition of MUPS

From: Recognition of patients with medically unexplained physical symptoms by family physicians: results of a focus group study

FG3;FP2: ‘For FPs it is important to know the context of a patient. If you know about the busy shoe store, then you can empathise more with MUPS.’
FG4; FP1: ‘So if you know more about the context, you can better empathise.’
FP5: Well, it causes less irritation
FP1: When you have more experience or when you have a longer relationship, you just have more information and you recognize it sooner.
FG6;FP2: ‘Some patients with a certain personality structure; it is possible that you are just a bit more sensitive to them. So with some patients you will sooner consider “Could this be MUPS?”’
  1. FG focus group, FP family physician. The numbers correspond with the focus groups session and the family physician