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Table 2 Codes and themes emerging from the interviews

From: ‘Life is still worth living’: a pilot exploration of self-reported resources of palliative care patients

Category Theme Code
Resources related to the patient Personal attitude Optimistic nature or character
   A stance of acceptance or surrender
   Being opinionated
   Having a fighting spirit
   Being able to be alone
   Life setting
   Having no fear for deterioration or death
   Seeing the positive side of things
   Being self reflective
  Coping Actively solving problems
   Engaging in activities
   Finding alternatives, being flexible with limitations
   Not thinking about the future
   Using effective coping skills from the past
   Different coping skills in different phases of the illness trajectory
   Making jokes
   Not being busy with illness all the time
   Self care
  Spirituality Thoughts about the hereafter
   Belief in a higher power
   Having been raised in a religious tradition
   Not having a belief
   Religious rituals
   Attitude towards life
Resources related to social network Family Connection with children and grandchildren
   Not leaving family members behind
   Support from partner/spouse
  Social surroundings Deeper connection with others
   Feeling part of a larger community
   Reactions from others
Resources related to professional support Health care professionals Health care professionals who actively ask about the patient’s well-being
   Professional care