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Table 1 Interview schedule

From: Perceived determinants of cardiovascular risk management in primary care: disconnections between patient behaviours, practice organisation and healthcare system

Parts of the semi structured interviews Presentation for participants Question for participants
1st part  1. Introduction of TICD project
 2. CVD in the Netherlands
 3. CVRM in the general practices
 4. Recent research about CVRM in the Netherlands
 5. Room for improvement
What factors plays an important role in CVRM care?
Why is the current care sub optimal?
2nd part Seven domains of the TICD framework
 1. Guideline factors
 2. Individual healthcare professional factors
 3. Patient factors
 4. Professional interaction facors
 5. Incentives and resources
 6. Mandate, authority and accountability
 7. Social, political and legal factors
Do You have additional determinants?
3rd part Important and changeable determinants mentioned during the group interviews
 1. Awarness and motivation of patients
 2. Medical files to support patient care
 3. Cooperation between GPs and specialists in hospitals
 4. Motivation GPs
 5. Better implementation of the ‘care standard’
 6. Financial support
 7. Healthy lifestyle supported by the Dutch government
Do You have additional determinants?