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Table 4 Categories and examples of quotations for the theme “Sustainable working conditions”

From: “It is meaningful; I feel that I can make a difference” -A qualitative study about GPs’ experiences of work at nursing homes in Sweden

Category Quotation
Holism GP5:”Yes you have more time (at the nursing home) and … and well, you can’t compare it. Here (at the primary health care centre) old people come without any relative, sometimes with a nursing assistant that never has met them and you know… it is much easier to get a picture of the patient (at the nursing home)… but of course, they are also much sicker at the NH.”
Collaboration GP7:”Yes, there (at the primary health care centre) you are alone in a different way and it is nice to have company… you can miss that at the primary health care centre, these wards where you sit down and discuss and talk with other professions, the nurses and so..”
Freedom and variation GP12:”Very pleasant and it is sort of a relief compared to the ordinary work at the primary health care centre, you get away from the primary health care centre for a while every week and it is freer time, not the scheduled appointments all the time, but you go there and, sometimes you visit the patients and sometimes you just discuss the patients. It is more free and a different way of working with patients.”
Meaningfulness GP7:” I believe and I think that it is extremely important and I think that one can contribute extremely (to the well-being of the patient) in many ways”