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Table 3 Categories and examples of quotations for the theme “Concern for the patient”

From: “It is meaningful; I feel that I can make a difference” -A qualitative study about GPs’ experiences of work at nursing homes in Sweden

Category Quotations
The continuum of ageing GP2:”Because it is a group of patients that are vulnerable, multimorbid, eh where you not always can diagnose the exact condition. So you must adapt to the situation. Emm, and they are so old that you don’t have to push the investigation in infinity, so you have to limit or constrain yourself. In that way it is challenging.”
Care needs and medicalisation GP10:”And where it can be hard to gain support for examinations and follow-ups and help with observations and so… they like to call for sedatives, when it instead there is a need of attendance and other measures than medications.”
The nurse as a key person for the well-being of the patient GP11:” well, I cooperate with the nurse named XX, and she is very good and that makes my work much easier and more pleasant. We can have a good dialogue and she… I feel that she has a good clinical sense and good intentions for the patient’s well-being.”