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Table 1 Example of text condensation and coding

From: “It is meaningful; I feel that I can make a difference” -A qualitative study about GPs’ experiences of work at nursing homes in Sweden

Meaning unit

Condensed meaning unit



GP8:”Many medications, antibiotics and the like are given (to the patients) which they receive instead of the nursing care they actually need.”

Medicines are used instead of nursing care


Care needs and medicalisation

GP11:”There is a focus on the doctor. And as I have very little chance to help the patient because what the patient actually is in need of is basic care needs, and now when he (the patient) feels bad…well… if one as a doctor then becomes “help needed” (as wanting to help) as someone says, a patient can get very many medications”

A service-minded doctor may prescribe too much medicines

Medicines vs. basic needs


GP1:”No but it means that I sometimes have to compromise with what I really believe in…So it feels like it is a negotiation from all sides. So that they know what position I have and I know what position they have. Where I know that they are liberal with antibiotics, but you have to…, well I don´t want to say that I am a realist and not able to do what I want, but I am more careful about saying yes and no to things, and instead think about their (the nursing staff’s) preconditions.”

The doctor needs to be careful in the dialogue about ordinations

Negotiations about medicines