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Table 3 Facilitators for referring more patients to local sports clubs or physical activity facilities in the community

From: Collaboration of general practitioners and exercise providers in promotion of physical activity a written survey among general practitioners

Facilitators Respondents (%)
Positive experiences or effects for patients 66.5
Affordable physical exercise and sport facilities 58.8
Website with local sports and physical activity facilities 45.9
Flyers for patients with local sports and physical activity facilities 35.3
Exercise providers adequately trained in supporting inactive peoplea 33.8
Good collaboration with trainers of sports and exercise facilities 32.4
Introductory lessons against reduced price 30.0
Specific group programs for the target population 29.4
Reimbursement of physical exercise 22.4
Introductory meeting with local sports and exercise facilities 18.5
Financing of collaboration between GP and local exercise providers 18.5
Exchange of information about patients between trainers and GPs 6.8
Regular meetings of GPs and local exercise providers 2.7
  1. amedical and or psychological support