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Table 4 Results of phase 2 practice meetings and actions taken

From: Developing a computerised search to help UK General Practices identify more patients for palliative care planning: a feasibility study

Action (total number of patients reviewed 43a) Number of times the action was taken
Start a Key Information Summary 23
Add to palliative care register 6
Review medication 1
Schedule home visit 1
Consider power of attorney 4
Continue current treatment 5
Intervene with respect to drugs or alcohol consumption 1
Check current package of care at home 1
Contact family member or informal carer 3
Review current KIS 2
Refer for physiotherapy review 1
Social care review 2
Consider Do Not Attempt Cardio- Pulmonary Resuscitation conversation 2
Arrange respite care 1
Discuss with heart-failure nurse 1
Refer for specialist palliative care 1
Discuss end-of-life care 2
Total number of actions taken 57
  1. aNote that in some cases reviewed patients received multiple actions