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Table 1 Overview of criteria for CPG recommendations for older people*

From: Systematic review of clinical practice guidelines recommendations about primary cardiovascular disease prevention for older adults

Inclusion of information related to:
1. Available evidence primary CVD prevention for older people 2. Barriers to implementation of the CPG for older people 3. Tailoring treatment to older people context and preferences
a. Evidence potential benefits/harms a. Risk assessment complexity (e.g. measurement issues) a. Patient preferences/values
b. Knowledge gaps b. Risk management complexity (e.g. feasibility treatment targets) b. Family preferences/values
  c. Time needed to treat to benefit in context of life expectancy c. Patient context (e.g. quality of life, life expectancy, comorbidities)
  d. Meaningfulness outcomes for older people d. Weighing benefits/harms
  e. Treatment adherence issues e. Therapy prioritization
  f. Cognitive status  
  g. Social support/caregiver burden  
  1. *Criteria were selected from literature on the applicability of CPGs and patient centered care for older people [1, 4, 13, 34, 35]