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Table 2 Elements of the OPTIMAL Intervention

From: OPTIMAL, an occupational therapy led self-management support programme for people with multimorbidity in primary care: a randomized controlled trial

Breakdown of OPTIMAL Programme

OPTIMAL has the following elements:


1. Weekly group meetings for a six-week period held in local community health centres


2. Occupational Therapy focus


3. Peer support


4. Goal setting and prioritization based on patient preferences


OT interventions to support patient self-management used in the groups include:


• Self-management


• Fatigue and energy management


• Managing stress and anxiety and maintaining mental health and well-being


• Keeping physically active


• Healthy eating


• Managing medications


• Effective communication strategies


• Goal setting


One of the weekly sessions incorporates education on physical activity delivered by a physiotherapist and another incorporates medicines management, delivered by a pharmacist