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Table 1 Overview of the process evaluation practices

From: Implementing telephone triage in general practice: a process evaluation of a cluster randomised controlled trial

  Triage type List size of practice and location Triage sessions (mode of delivery) Average (Stdev) number of triage calls completed by practice per day* Overview of reported triage experience**
Practice 1 Nurse 9215 Suburban Two nurses in morning only; one at a time 17.41 (6.98) Very negative
Practice 2 Nurse 11267 Suburban Two nurses each morning; in parallel 32.21 (5.91) Quite positive
Practice 3 Nurse 5949 Rural One nurse, morning & afternoon 6.03 (2.81) Positive
Practice 4 Nurse 7981 Suburban 1-2 nurses morning & afternoon, switching to morning only 10.32 (3.81) Positive
Practice 5 GP 5500 Rural All GPs for 1.5 hrs in morning only; followed by duty triage GP 14.50 (4.68) Mixed
Practice 6 GP 10622 Urban One duty GP at a time on rota, also seeing triaged patients 8.88 (3.97) Mixed
Practice 7 GP 11098 Suburban Pre-surgery triage for all GPs, followed by duty doctor 34.08 (13.65) Mainly positive
Practice 8 GP 5927 Urban Duty doctor, on a rota 7.05 (3.90) Positive
  1. *Number of triage calls made by practice is not equivalent to number of same-day appointment requests received. A proportion of requests would have met the ESTEEM exclusion criteria1 and were therefore not included on the list of patients to call back.
  2. **The classification of practices in this category was based on the summary of participant responses for each practice produced as part of the framework analysis.