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Table 1 Design concept of the eHealth programme

From: What do general practitioners think about an online self-regulation programme for health promotion? Focus group interviews

Step Where Description
1: Computer tailored feedback In the waiting room of general practice on a tablet When patients come into practice they are informed by their GP or by the practice assistant about the eHealth programme. When patients want to use the programme, they receive the tablet on which they can fill in a questionnaire. Based on their answers, tailored feedback on patients’ health behaviour is automatically generated by the programme.
During consultation on a tablet
2: Making an action plan In general practice (when enough time) Based on the feedback, patients can decide if they want to make an action plan. They can make this action plan in the programme on the tablet by reading tips and answering questions. Patients make an action plan by anticipating on difficult situations and by selecting goals and strategies.
  OR Patients can also choose to make this action plan back at home by using the programme on a website on their own computer.
At home (when not enough time)
3: Feedback by GPs In general practice When patients received their personal feedback/made their action plan, they can discuss this with their GP during consultation.
  OR After the action plan is made, patients can also choose to email the plan to their GP.
At home
4: Follow-up In general practice When patients come back to practice, they can discuss with their GP if they have reached their goals.
  OR Patients are prompted by email and can evaluate their health goals online by filling in a questionnaire to evaluate if they have reached their health goals.
At home