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Table 1 Novel ‘safety skills’ proposed by GPES respondents

From: Patient safety skills in primary care: a national survey of GP educators

Category Safety skill/attribute Illustrative quote
Novel ‘safety skills’ falling under existing categories
Awareness of patient Patient focussed ‘Patient-centredness’
Patient advocacy ‘Ability to be the patient’s advocate’
Awareness of self Having an appropriate work-life balance ‘Engages in social life and has external hobbies’
‘Recognising personal burnout / when you no longer care about your job’
Teamwork and communication Negotiation skills ‘Negotiating with team members regarding division of workload’
Conflict resolution skills ‘Dealing with conflict’
Debriefing skills ‘Debriefing or time-out after difficult encounters’
Ensuring clear documentation ‘Full and sufficiently detailed clinical consultation record keeping’
Novel ‘safety skills’ not falling under existing categories
  Taking ownership/accountability ‘Accepting ownership/responsibility’
‘Sense of personal responsibility for effective patient care’
‘Continuity of care’
  Intuition ‘Listening to your sixth sense (i.e. recognising your own instincts)’
‘Listening to that worrying little ‘inner voice’…’